The Union of
'The King & Queen of Hearts

Mariam wore red for other reasons than her being the "Queen of Hearts" and Stewart being the "King of Hearts" on their wedding day. She used to be the town "slut"...She has pratically slept with every man in Pine Valley and on the outskirts...however, everyone deserves a second chance at "true love"!

Mariam and Stewart met when she was trying to break up her daughter's farce of a marriage to Adam Chanlier (Stewart's twin brother) when she slept with Adam. But little did she know it was Stewart she slept with. Needless to say they both liked it to know each other better and fell madly in love. Stewart is looked upon by most as being a little retarded. Although he was very niave when Adam through a party for the happy couple to congratulate them on their engagement by inviting a room full of nothing by Mariam's ex-lovers and Stewart just seemed to be happy that she had a lot of friends and admirers. However, Stewart is loved and admired by all because he doesn't lie and is truly an honest person as well as an accomplished artist. So far, the couple of the year (on the soaps) is now and remains Mariam and Stewart Chanlier......the envy of us all!!!!

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