The Making of the "Total Cereal Box"

So you have decided to go with our company. But I don't understand why you've waited so long. It's her 125th birthday and she attributes to eating Total Cereal. Ok...but you want it in Warren, Ohio by Thursday...Today is Monday! Let me call you back in two hours and give you an update on our status! After hanging up the phone, I booked a flight to Detroit...

A bakery that I work with there was willing to bake this cake for me to come and decorate. I arrived Tuesday afternoon...and I could feel the clock ticking quite loudly...I knew this one was going to take a long time because it was direct decoration on the cake. This means that nothing could be done in advance. No one else had any idea that this was quite an undertaking. By the time I was at my first destination and got settled, everything was closed. I had all of Wednesday to do everything. Blood pumped as the knot in my stomach started growing more painful by the hour. I am a perfectionist, and I knew it takes time to be that. My beeper was going off, but it was adrenalin rush.

Getting to the bakery that morning, I quickly assessed that this cake is going to end up weighing about 200 pounds. Do you know how many colors the Total Cereal Box has? All the colors had to be made from scratch, but I knew it could be done. CONCENTRATE, LOOK AT THE BOX, LOOK AT THE CAKE, LOOK AT THE BOX, LOOK AT THE CAKE... and make this cake that box. Starting from the colors from the back of the box, everything was layered and stacked. The flakes in the silver spoon would look great if they were coming off the cake I thought. My beeper went off. They have changed the location of the cake delivery. It is to be delivered that night at a hotel in Toledo, Ohio, and then someone else would deliver it and drive it six hours to Warren. The pressure was on! I hope the person's car was big enough!

Finally at 11:00pm it was finished and delivered to Toldeo for it's jaunt to Warren. It was so beautiful that I didn't want to let it go. As I waved goodbye to the cake, I felt I had become one with this masterpiece and had given my all and then some. I must thank all the people that made what seemed like the impossible "possible".

Holly Sweets and Balloons.

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