Help from a Clown

We were delivering the cake to Pennsylvania. Following the directions exactly how they were given, we were almost there but not quite...After 2 1/2 hours of driving I said to my partner that maybe we should stop and ask someone where this location is at...there was no one in sight...for miles!

The mood was tense! Nothing but fields of open space.... Out of nowhere appeared and image and the closer we got, the more colorful it became....what was it...oh my goodness...I couldn't believe my was...a clown! I said, man oh man, no one is going to believe THIS!!!

He bent down and starting giving us directions as we intently started taking was so hard to take him seriously with his huge red nose. He bent down further to reveal his tiny little hat on his big head...and I just had to fall out with laughter.

His friend was calling him to get going and I looked back to see his friend driving a teeny tiny car looking wilder than he did...We thanked him and followed his directions only to find they were not entirely complete...My assistant exclaimed "He gave us the wrong directions"! I said "What did you expect...He's a CLOWN!" Not to worry...we found it three blocks away!!!

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